School of Mind Body Medicine

The Integrative Studies Program and the Transformational Therapy Program are multiple-course (expandable) programs for students interested in the fundamentals of life, the mind, the body, consciousness, the self, and health.

Students will engage in a deep study of the interrelationship between mental/emotional states and our bio/neurochemistry and the relationship between the mind, the brain and our psycho-physical health.

These programs are of benefit to not only social workers, psychotherapists and psychologists, but will benefit all healthcare practitioners as well as anyone who desires to delve deeply into the concept of health, wholeness, unity, totality, consciousness, and reality.

Download our catalog for a detailed description of the master’s and doctoral programs, required prerequisites and advance placement opportunities.

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Available Degrees:

Mind-Body Studies, MA
Transformational Therapy & Contemplative Studies, MA / PhD